Lounge Bar


The lounge bar is the centre of our inn. There is a long tabel traditionally occupied by our regular guests, a unique masonry heater that pleasantly warms the lounge in winter, the central bar, the Emperor’s table and a long corridor along which you always meet someone to talk to.

This area can accommodate about 40 people.

Bell Chamber & Vault Chamber

Glockenstube & Gwöli

Bell Chamber


Another 40 people can dine in the modern bell chamber. This room is very popular with families for occasions like christenings and confirmations as the village church is conveniently situated right opposite our entrance.

Wine Chamber


The “vault” as this room is known by most people, used to be a horse stable in the olden days, which was restored and now seats
about 60 people.

Reception Hall, Cellar Bar, Pub Garden

Saal, Kellerbar & Gastgarten

Reception Hall


A nice spot for a big crowd.
Our hall which is equipped with a stage is perfectly suited for special
occasions and lavish festivities.

Revues, weddings, dance events or family gatherings on a bigger scale
(up to 250 people) take place here.
The garden can be directy accessed from the hall and offers a welcome breath of fresh air after some fun on the dance floor.


Cellar Bar


The secret treasure beneath our premises!

In former days, this clay plastered vault was used as a natural cooling storage for beer but today it simply is a jewel.
After a long and deep slumber it was awakened by an exhibition of Christmas decorations, named “Advent in the countryside”, an atmospheric Christmassy event
in November 2013.
These walls breath history and create a singular atmosphere which adds to the exclusive experiences in our house.


Pub Garden


Being outdoors and enjoying the sun that manages to get through the thick leaves of our old walnut trees is the highlight of the summer! Even until late at night you can enjoy our excellent cuisine.
The stone wall with its roof shelters you from the wind and in case it does get too cold, we even light an open log fire for you.

For our small guests, we offer swings and a little playground with a tree house that can be overseen by their parents from the tables.

Staying the night




If you want to stay the night, no problem!

Last night`s wedding or party was fun and lasted a long time?
Then stay, catch up with your sleep and relax in one of our 4 friendly and comfortable rooms. Visitors from near and far book with us and enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning.